Creative Annual Report

I have created quite a few annual reports and I must confess, sometimes they are dry and data heavy. Have you ever thought about creating an infographic instead of a bulky boring annual report? MailChimp did it in 2016 and it was super creative, fun and interesting. I read. Ok, convince yourself:

I love this initiative. I was inspired to create an Infographic for a general annual report. It is available on Creative Market: 

In addition to this infographic annual report, you can have a print document that explains in detail the year that just passed. Something like this:

Infographic Annual Report

If you would like a custom Infographic Annual Report, please reach out to me! 

Bonus. These are some of my favorite annual reports:

1. Ustream:

2. New Products Group of Companies 2013 Annual Report by Tough Slate Design

3. Energy Trust 10 Years Anniversary by Energy Trust

I would be more than happy to help!